Verifika Is Named the Tool of Choice for ULG

  • Verifika Is Named the Tool of Choice for ULG

Having analyzed QA and terminology tools available on the market, United Language Group, one of the world’s largest language service providers, has concluded that Verifika would be its vendors’ tool of choice. That means all company’s vendors would be required to purchase Palex’ QA tool to ensure consistency.


“We’ve been working with ULG for almost a year. Over that time, the company has never compromised on quality. Incorporating Verifika in the translation process and building network is the next logical step to contribute to high quality standards among LSPs,” says Alexander Gilev, Product Manager at Palex Soft.

“Being recognized as the best is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team that persistently innovates to provide high-quality services to its clients,” continues Alexander.

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