Verifika® 2.0 and new free version for release by year-end

  • Verifika® 2.0 and new free version for release by year-end

Palex has recently released Verifika® 1.8, the latest version of its translation quality control software. Version 1.8 introduced great new features like teamwork capability with word form databases, better consistency checks and lots of other improvements.

Even though Verifika® 1.8 is still new, Palex developers are already sharing their plans for the next update, which is scheduled for release by the end of 2014 as version 2.0.

“Why call the update 2.0 instead of 1.9?” Here’s what Sergey Trifonov, head of software development at Palex, has to say:

The next update marks a new stage in the Verifika® lifecycle, with a bunch of new features as well as optimized user interface. One of the most exciting new features in 2.0 will be user-defined checks that can be customized to perform text-specific quality control tasks.

We are also planning to release a free version of the software that will come out at the same time as Verifika®2.0.

We understand that price can be an issue for freelancers, and we want to make Verifika® the world’s most accessible tool for translation quality control. That’s why we decided to offer a free version, which will however be a little different from the full one. Here are some of the differences:

1. Support for just two languages, e. g. English and Russian

2. All checks will be included, but the report processing might take more time

3. None of the teamwork options or automation included in the full version of Verifika®

4. Limited glossary size for terminology checks, limited user checks

5. Built-in ads

6. Developer questionnaires

This is just an outline of what we are working on with the free version of Verifika®. There may be changes in the coming months, but we will definitely keep the translation community informed. Check the Palex and Verifika® websites for updates.

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