The new Verifika® 3.1: even faster and more stable

  • The new Verifika® 3.1: even faster and more stable

Palex is happy to announce the latest update of Verifika®, version 3.1. The automatic translation quality assurance tool has been refined and improved since our previous release (3.0).

Verifika® 3.0 lets users run all translation quality checks in a single application. In addition to the spell checker, the tool provides grammar checks for all languages installed for Microsoft Word and detailed tag control on the fly. Learn more about Verifika ® 3.0.

For Verifika® 3.1, we have improved the performance and stability. The application is now integrated with cloud-based systems, such as Transifex, Crowdin and Memsource. We have also added checks for inconsistent order of numbers in source and target, highlighted errors in an Excel report (Pending Changes), and options to simultaneously highlight or ignore multiple errors in the in-app report. Several other features have also been refined in the new release:

  • Improved Measurement Units Check
  • Improved Mathematical Sign Check for Turkish
  • Faster loading of bilingual Excel files
  • Reduced false positives for many kinds of checks

You can learn more about Verifika® 3.1 and purchase the application here.

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