Palex to participate in PM Group in the GALA Connect community

  • Palex to participate in PM Group in the GALA Connect community

Where do we look for project managers for translation and localization projects? How do we train them? What skills do they need and how can we help them develop those skills? A special group has been created in the Connect online community, established by Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), to discuss the most important issues in project management. Eugenia Tashkun, Palex’s Business Development Manager, is participating as one of the group leaders.

GALA Connect, launched earlier this week, is an online community designed to bring together translation and localization professionals. Laura Brandon, GALA's Executive Director, explains that the community was developed in response to association members' requests for a platform that would facilitate knowledge sharing, expanding opportunities for better connectivity and collaboration.

"For every member who experiences the GALA community 'in person,' we know that there is an entire team back at the office who is also hungry to connect with peers and experience the support that a membership community can offer," explains Laura Brandon in the GALA blog. "We hope the Connect platform will extend GALA's reach to industry professionals who are not yet members or haven't yet had the opportunity to become members; for that reason, we have a number of groups that are open to non-members."

As an active GALA member, Palex is happy to support the new community and the PM group.

Eugenia Tashkun believes Connect is a highly promising platform for live communication.

"It's an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from places the world over without waiting until you travel to some conference or other. It's a chance to feel yourself a part of what's happening in the industry," she says. "It's something companies need today – especially companies like ours. We are located in Siberia and live a relatively isolated life for most of the year."

The choice to participate in the Project Management group, Eugenia says, was no accident. Management is one of Palex's special strengths. The company is always searching for and implementing new tools and solutions in project management. In 2014, for instance, Palex specialists conducted a study that covered benefits of applying the Complex Adaptive Leadership principles at the company. The initiative had the support of the author of that approach, Nick Obolensky, as well as the area office of the International Centre for Complex Project Management in CIS countries. The results of the study were presented at a youth conference at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and at Localization World in Dublin. They were later published in a Russian academic journal. A year later, a report on the project manager training program developed at the company was hailed as one of the top seven most useful ones at the Translation Forum Russia. At that same forum, under the aegis of the GALA, the Palex team ran a round table discussion entitled "What is a Manager and How Do You Get One?" More than ten specialists from Russia and Ukraine took part in the round table.

"It's amazing how diverse our colleagues experience is and yet how similar the problems are," says Eugenia Tashkun. "We want to use the Connect platform to share our experience with partners around the world so that together we can seek answers to the questions that concern us all."

Ruth Duersch, GALA's Online Content Manager, explains that the intent is for the PM group to become a trusted arena where people search for information that helps them enhance their skills, solve problems.

"We hope that project managers can find information that helps them feel camaraderie with others in the industry", she says. "As project managers are vital to the localization industry—essentially keeping the whole industry flowing — we feel this group will be one of the more frequently visited ones."

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