Palex to live demo Verifika® at Translation Forum Russia

  • Palex to live demo Verifika® at Translation Forum Russia

Find out how you can reduce your turnaround time on large projects from days to hours using the Verifika® quality assurance tool, with Palex's Alexander and Evgenia Barabash at Translation Forum Russia. Their workshop, titled From Perceived Quality to Creativity, will take place on Saturday, September 27 at 15:45 as part of the Technologies section.

Verifika® is an original program developed by Palex. This translation quality assurance software is globally recognized for its intuitive interface and effectiveness. Among Verifika's® advantages are the capability to engage in group work with multilingual projects, in-program file editing, automatic file validation when editing segments in the report, and a user-friendly terminology check that allows users to add word forms.

The workshop will be led by two of Palex's most experienced specialists. Alexander Barabash is a translator and reviewer who has worked on large-scale technical as well as creative projects, including game localization. Evgenia Barabash is a quality control specialist for the medical team. The basis for the workshop will be Alexander and Evgenia's personal experience. These guys will use examples from a few of their coolest projects to provide actionable examples of how to use Verifika® to help you work more quickly and effectively.

Workshop attendees will get to see not only Verifika® in action, but will be able to try the program themselves.

Furthermore, if you are a master class participant, you will receive a special promo code giving you the right to try Verifika® completely for free for two months! And after that, you will be given the option to purchase the program at a steep discount.

Translation Forum Russia is Russia's largest forum for the discussion of practical questions related to translation, which embraces all market players, from end customers and freelancers, to language service providers and in-house corporate translation teams, as well as industrial software developers, members of the academic community, government organizations, and more.  The Forum will take place in Ekaterinburg from September 26–28.

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