Palex is one of the Top 25 localization companies in Eastern Europe

  • Palex is one of the Top 25 localization companies in Eastern Europe

According to the report by Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent research company from Massachusetts, Palex is ranked 16th among the largest localization companies in Eastern Europe. CSA rankings are based on the company annual revenues.

The credit for being included to this top list goes to our dedicated and hardworking team. Below is a list of what we did during the last year to maintain our reputation and financial indicators.

1. We participated in industry workshops and conferences, including SpeechTek in the USA and LocWorld in Barcelona. At LocWorld Palex team spoke about the peculiarities of medical translation at the round table discussion. We shared on how to put together a professional translation team and what skills and expertise they should have.

2. We launched a new service. We started providing two-week trainings for the customer employees focusing on technical translation tricks and project management basics.

3. Palex passed two audits and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certificates. ISO 17100:2015 outlines the global requirements for translation and localization services, and Palex became one of the very few Russian companies fully conforming to these requirements.

4. We continued to specialize in medical and IT translation. Today each of these two areas makes 30% of the company total revenue. We aim to deepen our knowledge and expertise in these two fields.

5. We improved the quality of our interaction with customers. By the end of the year our Net Promoter Score advanced from 53 points to 54.5. It means that more and more customers are satisfied with our services.

We will continue to work in the same vein and hope to receive high ratings from CSA experts again.

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