Palex has awarded 10 freelancers with Verifika® licenses

  • Palex has awarded 10 freelancers with Verifika® licenses

On New Year’s Eve, Palex granted free licenses for Verifika®, a translation quality assurance tool, to ten translators. These freelancers not only handled a significant workload of the company throughout 2014, but they have been trusted suppliers of translation services to Palex for many years.

When taking stock at year-end Palex always expresses gratitude to the freelancers, because it's them who make it possible to manage the continuously growing order flow. Sending cards and electronic greetings has become a heart-warming and traditional way for the company to show the partners how much their work is appreciated.

“We value all of our partners, but some stand out from the rest,” says Oksana Novoselova, Palex vendor manager. “Our working relationships with these freelancers have stood the test of time. These are the people who always keep Palex as a priority client and are highly integrated into our workflow. On the eve of 2015 we have chosen ten of our most loyal vendors and, as a sign of our gratitude, have provided them with free access to Verifika®, a tool which will help them to work even more efficiently.”

Verifika® is an original program developed by Palex. This software is globally recognized for its intuitive interface and effectiveness. Among Verifika's® advantages are the capability to engage in group work with multilingual projects, in-program file editing, automatic file validation when editing segments in the report, and a user-friendly terminology check that allows users to add word forms.

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