Palex Group Inc. is going to take part in the annual TEKOM exhibition

  • Palex Group Inc. is going to take part in the annual TEKOM exhibition

Palex Group Inc. will take part in the annual TEKOM exhibition at the TCWORLD conference. This event, the largest European event in the field of technical communications, will take place on November 6–8 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The hosts expect that it will attract over 3,500 participants and 200 exhibitors, including the representatives of some of the most respected industrial companies, service companies, and software developers from all over the world.

Palex Group Inc. will be present on the LT Innovate collective booth on the 6th and 8th of November. Julia Makoushina, Software Development Director, and Eugenia Tashkun, Business Development Manager, will be excited to answer any questions about the company's activities and describe the advantages of working with Palex. They will also outline the different options for collaborating with Palex and demonstrate the features of Verifika, the translation quality assurance tool developed by the company.

Also, on November 6th the representatives of Palex Group Inc. will present a report on the development of the “ideal” software for translation, using Verifika as an example. “We hope to showcase the tasks our application accomplishes, rather than about the application itself. This will include describing how you can improve the software with the help of a few simple solutions.” says Julia Makoushina. “For example, we implemented the grammar-checking feature in Verifika that allowed us to significantly accelerate the workflow processes. While still being experimental it has already generated a large amount of interest with users. We are excited to show this feature in action to anybody who would like to see it at the presentation.”

“We hope that at the upcoming exhibition we will have a chance to have productive talks with our colleagues about the current state of the industry and discuss new software products and working methods that are enhancing our market.” says Eugenia Tashkun. “Put simply, we are looking forward to a valuable exchange of knowledge, best practices and collaborative assets that can help push our industry forward.”

Palex Group Inc. on the LT Innovate collective stand —
November 6th, 8th. Booth 442 in Hall 4.

The Report “Developing ‘ideal’ software for the language industry” —
November 6th, 14:45–15:30. Room 2C.

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