Palex at the Meeting of the Moscow Translation Club

  • Palex at the Meeting of the Moscow Translation Club

A working session of the Moscow Translation Club (MTC) was held on September 8 at the Moscow Country Club Hotel. The session brought together more than forty executives and owners of the top Russian LSPs. It was the first time when Palex participated in an MTC event. Palex was represented at the meeting by its CEO, Pavel Koshak.

The focus of discussions at the session was on a collective agreement to limit unethical competition in the area of personnel recruitment. The document, designed to make the rules of the game in the labor market clearer and more transparent, was signed by about twenty translation companies, Palex among them.

Among the other questions raised at the session were programs for training and working with prospective employees, professional development for LSP staff, and the potential for business-university partnership. In addition, the meeting participants discussed the new text of the MTC Charter and establishing rules for inducting new members into the Club.

“In particular, we talked about the importance of expanding the MTC to make it more than a local organization limited to the capital,” said Pavel Koshak. “In the past, the Club's meetings were seen as rather closed, private events. The reality, however, is that the MTC can be an excellent venue for discussing key issues in the development of the translation sector across our country. This year a number of regional companies were invited to the working session, and we see it as the first step towards this broader goal.

The Moscow Translation Club was founded in 2014. The Club's events are designed with LSP owners and executives in mind, as well as clients who order translation services.

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