Palex at ISDEF 2017 on business growth and working with LSPs

  • Palex at ISDEF 2017 on business growth and working with LSPs

Opportunities for business growth, issues particular to software promotion in new markets, various aspects of the technology company owners relationships with one another and with their employees, as well as other matters relevant for software developers — these were some of the key issues discussed at the ISDEF 2017 Fall Conference.

The conference was held in Moscow on September 28–30. The several hundred attendees included company owners, high-level management and leading experts from IT and Internet companies, representatives of Russian investment funds, marketing experts, PR experts and journalists.

Pavel Koshak, CEO of Palex, was an active participant in the conference discussions. For the second consecutive year, Mr. Koshak was on the managing board of ISDEF, the association of independent software developers, and on the organizing committee of the conference. He was also one of the moderators of the Business Growth section, where he spoke about various issues relating to work with outsourcers, focusing on the example of a localization company.

Pavel Koshak explained the most important factors you need to pay attention to when you approach a language service provider, what you need to think about before starting to work together, and how to ensure that it becomes a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. He also discussed a number of key legal and financial issues — for example, how to put together professional contracts and budgets — and explained what assurances certificates of conformance to various standards can give clients, including, in particular, ISO 17100, which establishes norms for translation services.

In his talk, Mr. Koshak went out of his way to emphasize the ethical aspects of a linguist's work. He introduced the audience to the Russian Translator's Ethical Code, briefly discussing its most fundamental provisions.

“This is our contribution to the translation industry,” Pavel told them. “When we tell people about how to build the right relationships with localizers, what to expect from language professionals — and what not to expect — and what guides linguists in their work, we're helping to create informed future clients. The ISDEF audience is extremely interested in localization, and the audience at the talk included representatives of the both the major players and smaller companies, too. Without a doubt, the understanding of certain industry rules can help them in the future to work with localizers in a more constructive manner.”

Summing up his role at the ISDEF conference, Pavel Koshak notes, that the event is becoming more useful and effective with each passing year.

“It’s actual, live contact, an exchange of real managerial experience. There's an extremely open atmosphere at the conference, and the talks raise a host of extremely relevant issues for the industry today. This year, by the way, there were fewer product cases, but a lot more discussion of the interactions between the IT sector and government organizations, and we also looked more closely at the legal aspects of doing business in various countries.”

ISDEF is a nonprofit association of independent software developers founded in the early 2000s. It was designed to represent and protect the interest of IT-businessmen and other members of the software industry. 

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