Palex and Brainlab to present a joint report at LocWorld

  • Palex and Brainlab to present a joint report at LocWorld

How can two different sized companies overcome their initial doubts and build a strong partnership? Natalia Lankina Palex's Account Manager and Brainlab's Senior Localization Project Manager Lisanne Steinle will be answering this question on Friday June 10 when they present a joint report at the Localization World conference in Dublin.

The report is inherently the success story of two companies. In 2007, Palex a small translation agency from faraway Siberia, won the tender to provide language services to Brainlab, a world-famous German developer of software and hardware for advanced medical equipment. Back then the Palex team had only just started working in medical translation, but had accumulated a good deal of experience in multilingual DTP, which was one of the factors that determined the contest in their favour.

Collaboration began in 2008 with a small project to translate several manuals into Russian and perform their DTP. By the end of the year the portfolio had expanded to 12 languages with over 850,000 words translated and over 9,000 pages DTPed. In 2009 Palex became Brainlab's preferred language service supplier.

"It was not an easy step for two such differently sized businesses to work together because it was a big risk for both parties," says Natalia Lankina. "A small service company that has received a large order can find itself facing a large number of contradictory fears — the fear of appearing not to be up to the job and not being able to cope with an important client... In our case this was compounded by the specifics of the medical industry, which imposes very strict requirements when it comes to translation quality because even a small mistake can result in harm to a patient's health. From the very outset of our collaboration, we were looking for ways to guarantee quality, not only by attracting high quality linguists but also developing tools and solutions to streamline and automate our processes in order to reduce our margin of error to zero."

Natalia Lankina and Lisanne Steinle will be talking to LocWorld conference participants about the specific solutions to a whole range of problems that Palex and Brainlab encountered at the different stages of their collaboration. They will be happy to take any questions from the audience and try to provide practical advice on how to transform fear into action and a risk-laden business relationship into a rock solid partnership.

How to Overcome Risks and Uncertainties and Build a Healthy Partnership

Track: Language Service Providers
Friday, June 10, 9:00am – 9:45am (CET)

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