New Verifika® 2.1: Integration with SDL Trados Studio 2014

  • New Verifika® 2.1: Integration with SDL Trados Studio 2014

Verifika® 2.1 was released in April. Once again the Verifika team introduced several new features and improvements to the automated translation QA software.

The most exciting update is the long-awaited SDL Trados Studio 2014 plugin that lets users launch Verifika® right in their CAT tool.

There are plenty of other external translation QA programs on the market, but Verifika® 2.0 released in early 2015 has proven extremely popular among professional translators. It introduced an improved interface and significantly faster checks, as well as a new option to add user-defined checks.

According to translators who handle ongoing projects with tight deadlines, Verifika® 2.0 helped them work up to 10 % faster by quickly processing large batches of files and entering edits directly in the program.

With Verifika® 2.1, the developers fixed bugs in the previous version, improved some of the checks, added new features and, best of all, integrated the software with SDL Trados Studio 2014. Translators will now save more time than ever: Verifika® runs much faster than the QA modules that come with most CAT tools, and it can check a single file or an entire project in seconds without switching back and forth between applications or changing settings.

If you use Trados Studio 2014, see what Verifika® 2.1 can do for your projects. Download the trial version at

"[Verifika] seems to work well though and I really like the interface for reporting the errors. Very simple and easy to use. I have never used this before and managed to get reasonably far without reading anything… which is a good sign I think!"

Paul Filkin, Director of Client Communities 
for SDL Language Technologies

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