New translation quality control features for Verifika® 1.8

  • New translation quality control features for Verifika® 1.8

Featuring group work with word form databases, an improved translation consistency check and many other updates, the new Verifika® 1.8 was released on September 22.

Users will find several new features in version 1.8 of this automatic translation quality assurance tool, developed by Palex. In addition to group work with word form databases — which is just for LSP-license holders — we have added the capability to import and export from word form databases, as well as to work simultaneously with word form editors and error report and glossary support in Trados XML and TBX formats, while automatically loading Hunspell dictionaries for spell checks. Another convenient function is the seamless import of multi- column glossaries from Excel, which allows users to select and extract the reference and translation columns.

Furthermore, the new Verifika® 1.8 has not only improved existing check features, but added some new ones as well. So, for example, now users can check by what percentage a target segment is longer or shorter than the source text.

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