Welcome to the brand new Palex corporate blog

  • Welcome to the brand new Palex corporate blog

Here we are with a shiny new blog! This is where we’ll share what we’re doing at work and at play: we'll post news about our team, the tough problems we solve together and our successes, places we go and people we meet.

The old Palex blog will stay right where it’s always been. It’s a record of everything we’ve done and accomplished over the past five years, so it will be a little hard for us to move on. We hope to continue some of the stories we started on the old blog here in this new venue. And every now and then we might post links to some of those old articles (they’re still a great source of useful information).

As always, we look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions for future articles. Let’s get the conversation going!

Photo by Florian Klauer

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